Online Marketing Strategy For Startups & Small Companies

Online Marketing Strategy For Startups & Small Companies

Date: 08-Dec-2018

Online marketing platform is a vast medium. You can keep on investing as much you have. Still, you will find yourself insatiable with the returns on investment. Without a proper and professional marketing strategy, you may end up wasting enormous money and won’t even understand, where did it all go.

Being a turnkey enterprise web and mobile application development and an online marketing company, we keep on getting inquiries from small businesses and startups who have a tight hands-on marketing budget. But still looking for good returns on investment. So here are few platforms and strategies, one must follow to set up a successful business online.

Our Digital Marketing experts have curated this strategy which can be used for almost all categories of businesses. Various platforms that should be targeted which setting up an online business and creating a brand.

1. Facebook –
⦁ Organic promotion in local groups (Recommended)
⦁ Paid campaigns for targeted audience based on Age, Sex, Interest (Recommended)
⦁ Regular post sharing on the Facebook business page
⦁ This should be your last marketing strategy to buy Facebook likes, followers, reviews (should be done mainly for brand building)

2. Instagram –
⦁ Paid campaigns (Recommended)
⦁ Contacting various Instagram profiles who sell related products and ask for association
⦁ Contacting influencer’s to promote your product (can turn out to be expensive)
⦁ Regular post sharing on Instagram page
⦁ Buying paid likes, followers, (should be done mainly for branding)

3. Pinterest –
⦁ Optimizing pins for ranking in search engine

4. Google –
⦁ Google Search Ads Marketing
⦁ Google Display ads in popular sites
⦁ Google Ads Remarketing
⦁ Website Optimization for SEO rankings
⦁ Speed optimization
⦁ Adding rich Google snippets in the entire website for better rankings in Local Search engines as well

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