Turnkey Enterprise Software and Server Hosting Solutions by Creative

Turnkey Enterprise Software and Server Hosting Solutions by Creative

Date: 08-Dec-2018

At Creative, we understand that not all our Corporate clients are alike. Some are looking for mere outsourcing of a particular application, While some are looking for an IT partner who can take care of their complete IT support. We have been explaining about our web, mobile and intranet applications on our website.
Now we will explain about our Email hosting solutions for the corporate looking for a safe, secure and fast server and Email hosting solutions with a user-friendly UI like Google.
We have some Mailing clients who understand all of the technical refinements of email hosting & have the ability to open their web-mail c-panel & doing everything themselves. We also have many email hosting clients who are completely new to emails accounts & we know that some of our corporate mailing clients will need a fair amount of hand holding. We work to cater to every kind of email hosting customer.

Cutting-Edge Business Email Hosting Support

With our five tiered levels of Business Email Hosting support, Creative Web Hosting provides Corporates with the precise levels of security & support that are right for them. All of our business email hosting plans come with a 99.95% uptime guarantee backed by our service level agreement.

Why Creative Email Hosting?

Personalized email address.
Professional Credibility.
Send the right statement every-time.
Substantially reduced ownership costs as compared to an in-house messaging solution.
In addition, there are no additional costs for upgrades or system maintenance.
Internal IT staff is freed up to work on core business areas.
Increased reliability since your email communications is not compromised.
Security is also enhanced as your data is protected by password encryption.

This is especially advantageous for expanding businesses as you need not to worry about additional hardware or software licenses and can easily plan and budget your email expenditures. Employees can access their mail using a variety of options like their favorite email application, web browser or an Internet connection.


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