Recipe Portal Application Developed by Creative

Recipe Portal Application Developed by Creative

Date: 08-Dec-2018 is a recipe portal with a variety of recipes and cooking-related articles with a focus on thoughtful and stylish living. It offers a facility to upload free recipe blogs and food and health-related blogs.

Running an Online Recipe Portal Websites is one of the profitable businesses online nowadays. Statistics have shown that nearly 5% of the daily web traffic looks for and search for free recipes.

If you are running a restaurant or if you are running a recipe teaching classes this recipe portal script will give an extra star to your business.
Creative has got perfect software to fulfill your requirements and get you up and running in no time. Our recipe portal application is the ultimate solution for starting your own recipe portal, without getting into the hassle of custom development and putting thousands of dollars etc. Yes, you can own this upload recipe software at very affordable price.

Few Features of Recipe Portal –

⦁ Member Interface and Layout features of Recipe Script
⦁ Homepage display of categories with images, latest recipes, top-rated recipes.
⦁ Completely configurable site colors, icons, and graphics.
⦁ Classification of recipes into relevant categories for easy browsing & efficient management.
⦁ Categories are shown with the number of recipes posted.
⦁ Member account management.
⦁ Recipe fields are configurable from admin panel.
⦁ HTML editor for recipe posting.
⦁ Provision to upload an image of the dish.
⦁ Provision to show submitters name and email address with the recipe.
⦁ Highly advanced search based on recipe contents.
⦁ Recipes search based on keywords, categories etc.
⦁ Sort recipes by newest, oldest or by recipe name etc.
⦁ Recipe winners list
⦁ Favorite recipes section where you can save the recipes you like.
⦁ Rate recipes.
⦁ Comment on recipes.
⦁ Print recipes.
⦁ Refer recipe to a friend.
⦁ Random recipe section.
⦁ Recipe of the day (Automated).
⦁ Subscriber’s section and many more.

Why should every chef, restaurant and foodie go for a recipe portal online?

1 Instant Marketing and Publicity
2 Increase in Search Ranking
3 You gain additional income
4 Discover Your Hidden Potential
5 Bond With The People with similar likes and hobbies
6 Eat Healthily

How to make the recipe blog successful online?

You’ll be more likely to develop a successful recipe blog if you follow these guidelines.

⦁ Be authentic. …
⦁ Don’t give up. …
⦁ Post original content. …
⦁ Show your personality! …
⦁ Make friends and help each other. …
⦁ Make yourself accessible. …
⦁ Keep your site design clean and easy to navigate


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