Utilizing Technology to Better Engage Workers

Date: 15-Jan-2024

It is common knowledge in the business world that an actively engaged workforce directly correlates to a company’s financial success. However, it isn’t sufficient to merely acknowledge the significance of participation. Despite widespread recognition of the issue, most businesses lack an effective response. As much as 88% of the world’s working population feels disengaged from their work, this perception is widespread. Those businesses that have been successful in boosting employee engagement all follow a similar playbook. Technology. The right technology can do wonders for your initiatives and make all the difference when it comes to employee engagement. Here are five technological strategies that businesses can use to energize their staff.

Here are five tech-based strategies for boosting participation of employees:

1. Boost Employee Performance.

The advancement of technology has opened up numerous avenues through which workers can acquire a thorough understanding of your company’s operations. It helps workers develop the skills they need for their jobs and discover where they best belong within the organization.

Employers can now easily implement efficient coaching methods for all employees thanks to technological solutions. Technology can also be used to streamline the hiring process, which in turn can improve the onboarding phase and leave a lasting impression on new employees.

2. Employee Appreciation: A Tool for Success

One of life’s great disappointments is a lack of acknowledgment for one’s efforts. Employees’ trust, support, and dedication can be preserved through open displays of appreciation and encouragement. Even if you can’t organize a physical party to honor their accomplishments, there are still plenty of ways you can do so thanks to modern technology.

Highlighting successes and showing support for all employees is simple when you have a powerful intranet and social portal that connects everyone in your organization, like those provided by MangoApps. Younger workers, who are often overlooked in favor of more senior ones, need to be shown extra encouragement and support.

3. Motivate Teamwork in the Office

Organizational success or failure depends on how well teams work together. The success of any team depends on its members’ ability to effectively communicate, take personal responsibility, and work together under the guidance of a competent leader. This may be simple in some contexts, but when teams are geographically dispersed, achieving success together can feel like an impossible challenge. Unless you have access to the appropriate tools.

Tools for team communication and collaboration are used by businesses of all sizes and in all corners of the globe to boost employee productivity and success. File sharing, project management, instant message channels, and more should all be standard features of any communication software. Employees are more likely to be invested in the company and its mission when their teams can produce tangible results and advance their objectives.

4. Get Realistic Opinions

Conventional employee surveys have their limitations and often stifle employees’ willingness to provide honest feedback. Companies can now choose from several tech-enabled options that make it easy to conduct surveys of their staff members in a way that protects their privacy. These options facilitate open communication between staff members and ensure their safety and confidentiality. As employees gain a platform for expression, they gain a sense of belonging at the company and appreciation from management.

5. Generate Interest in Social Activities

Bringing cutting-edge tools into the workplace has been shown to increase productivity and morale by fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation. Today, this strategy is used all over the world by flourishing businesses using social media-inspired, user-friendly intranets.

Like other popular social media platforms, these apps let your business and its employees share news and information, post pictures and videos, plan events, and poll their peers. It’s only natural that workers would become more invested in the company if given the chance to form bonds with one another and work together in an atmosphere they find comfortable and enjoyable.



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