Unlocking the Power of Employee Mobile Usage with 14 Key Statistics

Date: 28-Dec-2023

To understand how your employees, use their mobile phones at work and improve communication, you need to look at the data. Here are some important statistics that you can’t afford to ignore.

Two big things are shaping the world today:

Millennials and mobile phones. Millennials, who grew up in the digital age, are not only tech-savvy in their personal lives but also at work. With the increasing use of mobile phones, people of all generations are demanding faster and more convenient ways of communication. They switch between client emails, messaging apps, and social media on their phones throughout the day. According to Open Market, 83% of millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them. With 9.4 trillion text messages sent every year in the US, you can imagine how often your employees are picking up their phones in the office.

However, it’s not just millennials driving smartphone usage. According to the Pew Center for Research, 97% of Americans own a cellphone, and 85% of them own smartphones. As mobile usage continues to rise, companies that embrace this change can increase engagement and optimize productivity. To help your company stay ahead, here’s a list of mobile usage statistics.

General Mobile Usage Statistics:

  • Mobile has become the primary way to access the internet, surpassing desktops.
  • In 2015, mobile represented 51% of overall digital consumption. By 2020, it jumped to 58%.
  • The average adult spends 5-6 hours per day on their mobile phone excluding voice calls or work-related issues.
  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the remaining 11% spent on websites.
  • Smartphone users spend approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes on mobile social media.
  • 68% of mobile users engage with brands through apps.
  • 85% of adults are internet users, and 77% are smartphone users.

Employee Mobile Usage Statistics:

  • 60% of employees use apps for work-related activities.
  • 80% of IT executives believe employees cannot effectively do their jobs without a mobile phone.
  • Almost 9 in 10 app users say that apps for work have changed their behavior as business professionals.
  • 70% of employees keep their phones “within eye contact” at work.
  • The average mobile worker works 240 hours a year longer than the general population.
  • Over 42% of mobile subscribers use smartphones or tablets to read emails.
  • 59% of respondents think their organization has been too slow at delivering apps for the workforce.

Why These Statistics Matter?

Global communication teams must adapt to the changing landscape of mobile usage among employees. As technology advances, your communication strategy should evolve too. Since a significant amount of work time is spent on phones, consider how you can make the most of this screen time to benefit your business.

If you want to capture your employees’ attention, increase engagement, and enhance external brand marketing, video remains the preferred method of education, and mobile is their top choice for consuming content.

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