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Custom Intranet Solution For Your Business – Why And How?

At a time when businesses aren’t limited to lure domestic clients and big as well as small organizations are spreading their services to reach global potential customers, it is necessary to develop strong networking between every organization employee. An effective and easy solution for communication among employees is an intranet.

In the modern industry, an intranet is an efficient source to handle business community and connect all company computers to each other. With the help of this Internet-based platform, employees of an office can be connected to each other even when they are presented at different company locations.

What’s Custom Intranet Solution?

To fulfill a company’s organizational demands, its intranet software should be developed keeping its objectives and requirements in mind. A custom intranet is a solution to get intranet of choice and to make it interesting and engaging for people using it.

Why Custom Intranet?

The custom intranet provides improved collaboration where employees can do lots of business activities at one internet platform.

An intranet is a secure as well as a fast way to store files and company-related information. Other employees can access the data from any part of the globe.

Employees can work together using the intranet network to meet business objectives. It improves productivity.

How To Get Custom Intranet?

A well-designed intranet can help you get your business objectives. It is necessary to get the intranet network designed as developed from experienced developers, who could provide you what you require from the intranet.

Creative Web Mall offers services of intranet development at cost-effective prices. Experienced developers of the company develop intranet after discussing requirements with the clients to understand their needs. In addition, the company stays in contact with the client while developing the intranet for them.

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Intranet Development

Intranet For Organizational Purposes: Why Is It Necessary?

An intranet is a private collaboration network within a company or an institution that can be used for various organization purposes, like communication, knowledge sharing and transfer of important information. The key purposes of intranet for an organization are:


The modern intranet is a great source of information sharing over the company network. Authorized people within an organization can post valuable content regarding the company policies, its products, and services, while others can read it.


Email management is an issue for lots of organization today. Employees are required to switch to different platforms when they have to exchange data or communicate. Social Intranet eliminates the use of multiple platforms and allows employees to do many things in one place.


While working on a project, company employees involved in that particular project can have group discussions, information sharing and feedback sessions over the intranet. They can also plan strategies and assign tasks over the network. They don’t need to visit each other personally. In addition, they also discuss project progress and share reports with each other.

Organizational Culture

Social intranet takes all company employees on one platform and saves time for them. Employees can communicate with their project partners and can access information about them. In this way, employees start trusting each other and become more productive in the workplace. This further leads to a healthy workplace environment.

Two-Way Communication

Opposite to traditional intranet, the modern-day intranet provides two-way communication where low-level employees can also communicate with their managers and share their ideas with them.

Creative Web Mall For Social Intranet Development

Creative Web Mall provides services related to the development and launch of a modern social intranet. The company has experienced developers to understand your organizational needs and provide intranet solutions according to that.

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Intranet Development

Intranet For Organizational Purposes – Everything About Development

Considering the rising popularity and huge benefits of intranet for employees as well as managers, personalized social intranet network can improve in-house productivity and save money for a company using the private network form.

As every company has its own needs and goals, its intranet should be designed and developed in a manner that it could fulfill company objectives and assist employees in doing their work in an accurate manner.

Intranet Development

A web development service provider takes several things into consideration while using the most accurate form of information technology to satisfy the target audience. Intranet development includes steps, such as:

Analyzing requirements – First of all, a survey is conducted to know the requirements of a company going to use the intranet. It may include information on product or services the company is providing, employee numbers, company’s branches at different locations and departments it has.

Documentation – After collecting necessary information, the design of the social intranet software is made by experienced developers. Initial site map and diagrams are created to decide steps to be taken next.

Intranet Development – In this step, the prototype of the intranet is generated. After that, the prototype is shown to the client to ensure everything is as per the requirement. Once approved by the client, developers start working on its final development phase.

Testing – Once the development is completed, the intranet software is tested on different platforms and conditions to check its effective working. Apart from its working, its speed, reliability and multi-device compatibility is also tested in this phase.

Creative Web Mall builds intranet solutions in a customized manner to ensure that they meet your business demands. We make sure that communication and data sharing over the network as well as data stored over the server is secure from all form of threats. In addition, we use the right tools and components to ensure rapid development and deployment of the social intranet.