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Intranet For Organizational Purposes – Why It Is Necessary??

Date: 10-Jan-2019

An intranet is a private collaboration network within a company or an institution that can be used for various organization purposes, like communication, knowledge sharing and transfer of important information. The key purposes of intranet for an organization are:


The modern intranet is a great source of information sharing over the company network. Authorized people within an organization can post valuable content regarding the company policies, its products, and services, while others can read it.


Email management is an issue for lots of organization today. Employees are required to switch to different platforms when they have to exchange data or communicate. Social Intranet eliminates the use of multiple platforms and allows employees to do many things in one place.


While working on a project, company employees involved in that particular project can have group discussions, information sharing and feedback sessions over the intranet. They can also plan strategies and assign tasks over the network. They don’t need to visit each other personally. In addition, they also discuss project progress and share reports with each other.

Organizational Culture

Social intranet takes all company employees on one platform and saves time for them. Employees can communicate with their project partners and can access information about them. In this way, employees start trusting each other and become more productive in the workplace. This further leads to a healthy workplace environment.

Two-way Communication

Opposite to traditional intranet, the modern-day intranet provides two-way communication where low-level employees can also communicate with their managers and share their ideas with them.

Creative Web Mall For Social Intranet Development

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