Why Your Company Needs Internet Marketing?

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Why Your Company Needs Internet Marketing?

The number of people using Internet to assist them in their purchasing decisions is increasing. With social networking websites and search engines, people can now perform product and price research from the comforts of their own home. Having said such, organizations, regardless of size, can get a lot of benefits from including Internet marketing into their marketing mix. If you are hesitant about advertising your products and services on the Web, here are some reasons which may encourage you to embrace this marketing strategy.

It is convenient for your clients – If you have a website, blog or social media account, buyers can find out about your offerings from home. They can even buy after traditional business hours or when it’s convenient for them.

Expand market and boost sales potential despite small advertising budget – By setting up your own website, you will be able to market and sell your products and services 24/7, even during holidays and never have to worry about expenses related to working overtime, space rental and maintenance. You also don’t need to buy a lot of stocks to display in your outlet. You only order stocks on demand, which consequently keeps your inventory costs lower. Furthermore, you can engage customers from different parts of the country or the world without needing to create a physical store. Obviously, if you would like to sell worldwide, you might need to use localization services to make sure that your products adhere to business regulations in that state and that they are modified as appropriate to mirror local market differences.

Build stronger relationships with clients – The Web provides companies, whether small or large, a platform to create relationships with customers. When a person buys a product from your web-based store, you can raise the likelihood of a repeat business by giving him a follow-up email to confirm the sale and to say thank you to him. It’s also possible to increase customer retention by keeping them in the loop about bargains, as well as upcoming products and events. By inviting customers to submit their product opinions, you also build a sense of community. It’s also possible to make use of social networking to generate revenue growth and make a global brand.

Naturally, in order to get the most benefit from your internet marketing activities, your website must have a lot of traffic and your adverts must be visible to your target buyers.

As more and more consumers use the Internet to help them in their purchasing decisions, using Internet marketing strategies has become a rising imperative for big and small companies.

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What is Intranet?

A portal is a web system having an element that can support and also identity the web potential traffic and represent it in an unstructured, easy-going, customized web-interface that will support it using the information and other services that are used in main implications and the welfare to the users.

Let us understand what is Intranet? Intranet is a structured private network that works on the principle of Internet Protocol Technology. It helps in safely disseminating or sharing the relevant information that pertains to the organization or any of the Operating systems used in an organization or any company that suppresses it from the outer world. The Internet portal is a portal that connects organizations and Intranet works within the organization.

The Web Marketing Association conducts the Web Award Competition annually for nominating the Best Intranet Website.

Internet and Intranet Portal development are very similar in terms of its working, the only difference between the two is that Internet Portal development could be assessed by public whoever is using the Internet, any part of the world where as the Intranet Portal can be assessed only within the specific organizations or companies. Intranet helps the companies and its employees with many internal functions connecting internal information like the company reports, HR relevant documents, client information and more. Intranet is one of the safest methods that can help employees stay connected through its network and also keeping the company information safe from outside network or people.

Today, there are much Intranet website applications that attract a lot of people and companies. The web server of the Intranet is only accessible from CBU Net that means you can only access the network around the company premises. The other option to access it, is through the dialing option by dialing the Internet through CBU’s dial-up – this helps to view web pages on the Intranet web server.

An Intranet Website development is the most efficient and secured way to prevent the leakage of precious company information from outsiders or competitors. By setting up Intranet, the employees of the company can assess the company’s important information to complete their tasks at hand and also improve the productivity drastically.

Intranet is a self service tool that helps the business people and also the company customers to access information and helps in cutting down the costs. By using Intranet, an employees output and productivity increases efficiently especially for a mid-size organization or smaller firms. This becomes more prevalent as the company makes available its information by sharing through electronic techniques and helps nurturing keeping the information safe from outside predators.

It is recommended to use Intranet more frequently amongst the company members. For this, the tools needs to be set up for equal distribution of Intranet facility within the organization. For developing more internal communication and improving the quality of work, Staff Intranet is developed. Many companies have setup Staff Intranet that is entirely dedicated to its staff and are on the brink of continuous improvement.

The Web Intranet is a secured and tough database that can be measured without much difficulty to manage. It can be managed by not so technical minded individuals or administrators and it also provides for economic value. There are lot of companies that offer Intranet, Portal solutions and extranet that are custom made to meet the small to medium scale company business requirements.

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Intranet Solutions

Enterprise Social Intranet Solutions

We are one of the top-most and fastest growing Social networking Intranet application development company. We already have big number of Corporate clients taking their social networking experience to a higher level.

Our application design gives a more prominent look to the employee profiles. They look more friendly and unique as compared to the standard employee format slated in the usual excel files. Our employee profile includes personal information that is filled in by the users themselves which includes following information:

  • Hometown details:
  • Current place of living:
  • What you do to earn a living?
  • Your corporate contacts?
  • Your skills, expertise?
  • Favorite lunch place:
  • Sports that you love:
  • Hobbies:
  • Music you like:
  • Favorite Celebrity:
  • Places Traveled:
  • Favorite Dream Destination:

Why is Intranet Application Needed in an Organization?

  • It’s a portal to find company information
  • Directory to find Employee contact numbers
  • Connecting different offices that are geographically distant
  • Building a company brand internally