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Intranet Solutions

Enterprise Social Intranet Solutions

We are one of the top-most and fastest growing Social networking Intranet application development company. We already have big number of Corporate clients taking their social networking experience to a higher level.

Our application design gives a more prominent look to the employee profiles. They look more friendly and unique as compared to the standard employee format slated in the usual excel files. Our employee profile includes personal information that is filled in by the users themselves which includes following information:

  • Hometown details:
  • Current place of living:
  • What you do to earn a living?
  • Your corporate contacts?
  • Your skills, expertise?
  • Favorite lunch place:
  • Sports that you love:
  • Hobbies:
  • Music you like:
  • Favorite Celebrity:
  • Places Traveled:
  • Favorite Dream Destination:

Why is Intranet Application Needed in an Organization?

  • It’s a portal to find company information
  • Directory to find Employee contact numbers
  • Connecting different offices that are geographically distant
  • Building a company brand internally