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CAPEX workflow processes

Creative CapEx workflow process system are one of the reliable approval management software for consistent and transparent approval processes and shorter approval cycles. With Creative CapEx workflow software you get the approval process automated within hours, ensuring that each approval request goes through a rigorous review process quickly, and gain both policy compliance and full traceability.

Automation in Capital expenditure approval workflows ensures that the CapEx project approvals are handled effectively and better and faster decisions are made while getting all the necessary information to audit on the approval workflow in time.


Lets compare Traditional manual CapEx approval system with Automated Creative CapEx approval system


  1. Traditional manual interventions through email and spreadsheets caused many potential issues  throughout the capital expenditure approvals. Automated workflow system increases the pace of routing requests and approvals and helps to get the job done fast and efficiently.
  2. Many companies still manage the CapEx requests entirely by a manual process, which resulted in de-lays, duplication, chasing after signatures and much frustration. Creative CapEx software provides streamlined implementation and management.

Benefits of Creative Automated CapEx Workflow Processes


  1. Increased CapEx transparency though the entire organization.
  2. Automated CapEx Workflow processes enables tracking and auditing of CapEx requests from inception to completion.
  3. Creative CapEx software can be integrated with any of your legacy ERP systems
  4. Enables faster CapEx approvals with Creative CapEx software systems.
  5. Post investment review with simple reporting tool. Forecasting and budgeting can be added as an (ADDON)
  6. ERP integration will identify unauthorized spending allow you to take action

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CaPEX lifecycle

CAPEX approval work flow management system

What is CAPEX software?

CAPEX Software is a process built solution that allows companies to automate, streamline, manage all capital expenditures workflow, approval and management. It is a software where new projects can be proposed, approved by various level ofdepartments and authorities. Pending projects can also be tracked. Advanced CAPEX software solutions even enables tracking of Forecasting and budgeting.

What is a CAPEX lifecycle?

The CapEx Life cycle is a ongoing roadmap of Capital Expenditures. The path includes a project from planning, budgeting, executing, post investment review which is then used a metrics for future planning.

What are the benefits of CAPEX software?

Companies acquire expenses in vrious departments. Some expenses need approval from multiple departments like HR, Finance, Marketing, Legal dpeartments both internal and external. They need an effective way to

  • Have control over their Capex budget
  • Have control over their Capex project
  • Gain control over delegation of authority and Capex approval process.
  • To collect and route approval requests and task hand-overs
  • Manage related data and documents effectively in E-format
  • Track approval status and collaborate with a team on-the-fly
  • Evaluate performance of the approval workflows and optimize them

Creative CaPEX approval system

Creative CaPEX approval and mangement system has been designed with a Layman perspective. It has simple UX UI yet interactive and easy to understand.

  • Post projects in Capex portal
  • Get approval from various levels
  • View pending projects
  • Manage CaPex budget through simple reporting system
  • Forecating and budgeting (can be customized as an addon)