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Factors needed in your company for Intranet Social networking

1. The Organizations need Social networking feature to succeed in the stiff competition.

2. It is important for employees to feel that they are integral part of the company system and they should have their personal logins on the Intranet.

3. Intranet should possess the social features that help employees build confidence with a “Person Structured” Intranet IA system for individuals and other people of the company.

4. Intranet with Social networking features can become a good interactive community hub for everybody.

5. Intranet can have forums for discussion, photo sharing, voting, polls and entertainment and blogging for education.

6. Intranet helps employees something to always look forward to in their day-to- day work life.

7. It is important to keep employee data and other company information on a secured Intranet network. Our system helps to keep data safe and secured with different levely of security in our applications.


Reasons why Intranets fail?

There are various reasons for which Intranet fails. Most times an Intranet facility fails when organizations fail to think that the system works due to its users and not by the company policies.

Common Problems faced by an Intranet are:

Navigation - 33% of employees find it difficult to access Information on the Intranet.

Search – 50% of searches made on an Intranet system are ineffective.

Source – 2007 Report by Irish Computer Society.

The Social Networking Intranet App is the knowledge platform for present and future.

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