Shorted to XAML. XAML is a vendor-neutral norm developed jointly by Bowstreet, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and Sun that is used to coordinate and process online business transactions. Related with XML, XAML uses a set of XML message formats and interaction models that Web services can use to provide business-level transactions that span multiple parties across the Internet. XAML differentiate traditional online transaction processing (OLTP), such as making banking transactions online or purchasing a product from a consumer Web site, from business Web transaction processing (BWTP), which consists of Web services from multiple organizations on the Internet and must coordinate the low-level operations of commit, cancel, retry, and compensate (undo or reverse) in order to ensure business-level transaction honesty. The following example makes clear a business-level transaction consisting a set of Web services that would make use of XAML: think of a lumber company that requires to purchase a large quantity of a chemical it uses to treat its lumber before it is sold. In order for the buyer to purchase the chemical, the company needs additional value-added services provided by third parties, like shipping with specific delivery terms, government compliance for safe transport, payment financing and casualty insurance. The purchase cannot take place till all these services are coordinated and the buyer is fullfilled. XAML will permit the different parties involved to process the transactions over the Web.