When should I consider alternative advertising like pay per click ads

Pay-per-click ads or sponsored search listings have become more popular among merchants looking to drive immediate traffic to their storefronts. These types of campaigns are generally the most successful when launched after first releasing your store, once you have established decent brand recognition or saturation of natural search rankings.

Most merchants do not know the first thing when it comes to launching a successful PPC campaign so it is better to wait until you know what terms to bid on and the overall conversion rate as it relates to your niche. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a firm that specializes in sponsored listing campaigns using Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. Choosing the right firm depends on your needs and the market in which you sell. You may have to research many different providers to find the right one for your business marketing needs. Eventually, you will want to learn how to properly manage and maintian a PPC campaign, but having a firm help you, especially in the beginning, can save you both time and marketing dollars.

It is possible to launch and manage your own campaign from the start, but most merchants end up wasting large chunks of their marketing budget by simply not knowing which are the best terms to bid on, how much to budget each day and what the general conversions should reflect. If you plan on doing it yourself, it is best to learn from online resources and communities like forums, blogs and networks. It is also very important to be able to track your campaigns in detail so you can continue to improve click throughs, increase conversions and get the most out of your investment.