When is the ideal time to start marketing my store brand and products

Ideally, you should begin marketing your brand name and products from the very beginning, when you first decide on a niche product and the right name for your eBusiness. Before you begin marketing it’s a good idea to be certain you have reserved your company name, domain name and all related brand names and have your product supplier or inventory relationships already established. Unless there are specific reasons for you to delay your marketing efforts you should begin the process as soon as possible. Reasons to delay marketing campaigns may include having to wait for legal documentation, trademarks, copyrights or other legal matters, online or off, that might end up hurting your marketing efforts if launched before business paperwork is in order and the proper steps have been taken to ensure your place in the market.

The beginning stages of your marketing strategy should primarily consist of spreading the word about your future business and the expected launch date of your online store. You may wish to use a “coming soon” page while your store is being developed so you can still bring users to the site or so potential customers who find you can save the domain location for later review. Creating consumer buzz around your brand or products is easy if you know who you are targeting and have a good idea of what those users expect to see. Establish strategic partnerships or network with related businesses and owners so they can help you spread the word about your new store and products. If you are selling items that are already sold online, you should research how previous companies started marketing them and what the outcomes have been. Be creative and know your target market and you will have no trouble getting potential customers to your store as soon as it’s ready to release publicly. All of these steps, if taken correctly and in the beginning, should help pave the way for future marketing endeavors including strategic search engine optimization, sponsored listings, building links from other related sites to yours and even potential off line strategies like TV, radio or print advertising campaigns.