What programs are used to build eCommerce stores or web sites

Designers used to be extremely limited when it came to choosing an online store building program or software that can easily modify a traditional site into an eCommerce capable site. Traditional websites are typically custom programmed, coded by hand, built using a WYSIWYG editor or HTML text editor. Having a traditional site with a shopping cart added on typically requires a program or software that is easily customizable to your template or theme. Some of the programs used to build a traditional site may include Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Adobe Go Live and graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Flash Creator.

Online stores differ in many ways compared to more traditional sites and service related sites or web brochures. They are usually more complex and can require much more knowledge in the areas of programming, server management and online security. So what do you use if you are not a programmer, or hiring a professional company to build your store? Fortunately, there are pleny of eCommerce software and service providers out there for merchants to choose from for nearly every task related to hosting, building and launching an online store. Depending on your needs, you may wish to choose a free eCommerce software, hosted solution, out of the box platform, stand alone cart, store builder software, open source solution, professional developer or one that easily integrates payment processing like Google Checkout providers or Paypal ready shopping carts.

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