What is the Robotic Onco-surgery and its Advantage?

What is the Robotic Onco-surgery and its Advantage?

Date: 08-Jul-2022

Robotic surgery is a novel technology in minimally invasive surgeries that are becoming more popular among surgeons and patients. The use of robotics helps them operate inaccessible areas with ease, as compared to traditional open surgical techniques or laparoscopy; this has led many people to take advantage of minimal scarring due to reduced blood loss early recovery time, minimum wound-related complications(including infections), and lower hospital stay though there might be some risks involved like compromised long term benefits because cancer treatments should not only focus on short-term gains but also keep an eye out for potential effects resulting after prolonged exposure where applicable for treatment of cancer.

Advantages of Robotic surgeries

Robotic surgeries in cancer with conclusive advantages in terms of ease of surgery and marginal benefits in patient consequences are:

  • Front resection or APR with TME and ANP in carcinoma rectum
  • Nerve-saving prostatectomy in carcinoma prostate
  • Fractional nephrectomy
  • Mediastinal cancers
  • Metastatectomy in the lung, wedge resection, and lobectomy in carcinoma lung
  • Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) for little pharyngeal wall cancers, tongue base threat (stays away from mandibulotomy)
  • Medical procedure for carcinoma endometrium


Though numerous other procedures are being done robotically, the advantage isn’t clearly confirmed with present proof. In any case, continued effort and well-conducted studies to look into the long-term outcome may change the view in near future.



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