What is a Shopping Cart

Simply put it’s the ability to sell products or services online from your website. The shopping cart is a common metaphor (from the original grocery store shopping cart) where a visitor can browse your products and make selections to purchase. Typically, the visitor checks off any products or services that wish to purchase and then simply “Checks Out” by proceeding to a page where information such as billing, shipping and payment method is collected and the order is placed and confirmed.

The technical answer is pre packaged programming that provides a website with the ability to build a catalog of products, build its associated database of characteristics such as size, color, price, weight, product code, technical components, etc. and integrates this into pages on the website to provide a visitor with the ability to browse and purchase is known as shopping cart software.

A primary consideration when choosing shopping cart software is ease of use, cost considerations and scalability that is whether it will continue to serve a website’s needs as its catalog and volume of products and orders grow. The shopping cart software options we offer support an unlimited number of products and growth potential.