What are the first things to consider when starting up an online business

Find a niche product line that sells well online. Without a niche product, you will have a difficult time seeing success on the Internet- no matter how elegant your store designs and layouts are. Be sure that the products you choose to sell can be sold online. In other words, if you sell an item that costs $10.00 and weighs 80 pounds, the low-value-to-high-weight ratio makes this item more difficult to sell.

Quality online products should have a high value-to-weight ratio (ie. a $30.00 item that weighs only 5 pounds). Conduct product research to find out how many others potentially compete with you and who they are. If you can offer store customers a better price or have the ability to innovate the way in which it’s sold, then you have successfully found a niche product line for yourself and should consider adding those items to your catalog.