Social Networking Intranet Application Development

We are a leading and fastest growing Social networking intranet application Development Company who has already helped significant number of Corporates to take the best mileage of Social networking for their employees.


Your organization looks like a group of several individuals with no sharing of knowledge or information. You want to break-free this situation and want to get employees, professionals, colleagues and partners to create more efficient work environment.

Your Ideal Solution

Creative helps you create Intranet Design that is secured, it allows you to do important Intranet functions and applications. Intranet helps you to create directories, uploading or downloading, deleting files, engaging your employees, sharing the information, providing access to employees, access to corporate infromation and enable to bridge the communication gap within employees in a secured environment.

Case study of our Social Intranet PORTAL


  • Easy to surf solutions

    Creative Social Networking Intranet Applications helps any individual to browse through its data without any training.

    You Own the Intranet

    Our application comes with a source code installed for your Intranet. It’s a one time setup and no renewal fees are charged.

  • Cost Effective

    Our applications are reasonably charged as compared to heavy investments required from other companies. Our applications are designed and developed by experienced professionals using safe and latest technology.

    Application Settings

    Mobile Optimized

    Our Intranet Applications makes use of the best applications and technologies that are available making it perfect to work on your mobile phones.

  • Large Volumes

    Our technical experts are experienced and fully trained to handle all cloud based servers, they can team up to help you handle larger application.

    Helps eliminate communication barriers

    Creative helps with simple approach helping organizations create vibrant environment that helps employees focus on their work and helps in team work.

Simple, Stylish, Customized, Responsive and Intuitive user interface
We provide the best support for Custom Social Networking and collaborating on different platforms. We help build Intranet communities and other knowledge based networks. We deliver great user experience with responsive web design that provides full ownership rights to the custom solution that we create.
Our intranet applications covers all features that includes following:
  • Details of Employee profiles
  • Sharing photos
  • Blogs
  • Commenting
  • Network connections & feeds
  • Enterprise FAQs
  • News feeds (RSS)
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