Should I consider hiring a professional marketing firm or can I do it myself

Deciding whether or not to market your storefront yourself or outsource the task to professionals depends on how much time, organizational skills and previous experience you can devote to the tasks invloved in running a successful campaign. Even if you haven’t ever promoted an online business in the past, having a thorough knowledge of your industry and the customers you target can often times be better than using a third party who doesn’t already know about your industry and isn’t willing to research it. However, if you happen across a firm that performs market research before taking on the task of promoting your store you may be able to use your knowledge blended with theirs for an even stronger marketing strategy and continual flow of ideas.

Marketing online can typically be a full time task and can require much planning, analysis, research and time tracking statistics in order to get you in front of your potential customers quickly and yield an acceptable ROI. If you would rather devote your time to running the business, managing your catalog and processing orders it would probably be better for you to hire an ecommerce marketing specialist to assist with your campaign needs. Some eBusinesses choose to use office and phone staff to manage their day to day business relations and order fullfillment processes. Using a staff to run your business may give you more time to spend on your own or with a marketing team to further promote and market your store brand and products.

If you choose to outsource the task, be sure to find professional firms who specialize in ecommerce store marketing and promotion and have a proven track record of satisfied clients, fair price and of course, conversion results. Look at their client portfolios or customer testimonials, if available, and always ask to talk to other clients who are willing to share their experience with the firm you are considering.

For those who would rather learn ecommerce marketing and perform the tasks yourself, it’s best to use online help resources like eCommerce and eBusiness forums, blogs, articles and case studies. Look for a wide range of topics to research including entrepreneaurial business, SEO/SEM, affiliate marketing, link building, search engine friendly design, sponsored search engine listings, social networking and press release resources. Once you grasp the ideas behind these topics you can begin to better understand the inner workings of online store marketing and getting the word out about your brand or products. Continue your education by keeping up on the lastest trends in your market and participating in online communities like blogs and forums.