Machine Code is the instructions that a CPU executes. It’s the only thing that a CPU can understand and execute. Interpreted languages need an application called an Interpreter that reads each line of the program source code and then ‘runs’ it.

Interpreting is Easy

It’s very easy to stop, change and re-run applications written in an interpreted language and that is why they’re popular for learning programming. There is no compilation stage needed. Compiling can be quite a slow process. A large Visual C++ application can take from minutes to hours to compile, depending on how much code has to be rebuilt and the speed of memory and the CPU.

Coding Websites with PHP

PHP was designed as a language for Web Servers and is very popular in conjunction with Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP or LAMP for short. It is interpreted, but pre-compiled so code executes reasonably quickly. It can be run on desktop computers but is not as widely used for developing desktop applications. Based on C syntax, it also includes Objects and Classes.

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