Permanent Staffing Solutions

Creative has huge resource when it comes to Staffing needs, we can provide you with permanent placement solutions. Our recruitment strategies are made to meet your business requirement objectives.


Hiring employees permanently with the offer and absorbing them into the company premise is a serious commitment. While recruiting, you have to make sure that the commitment goes to the right people.

Your Ideal Solution

Creative has a huge employee resource that gives permanent staffing solutionsyou’re your company. We have huge list of potential candidates that are ideally fit for your company job profile, they are fully-screened and assessed before they are sent to the companies.

Our Permanent staffing and recrutiment process

  • Discover

    We familiarize with your company’s objectives and the work culture knowing its background, etc. Our team visits the workplace to get in-depth view of the position for which you want to recruit people, this will give us an idea about the roles and responsibilities of the ideal candidate.


    Our customized recruitment plan is prepared based on the needs of your organization. We start exploring our database of potential employees who may not be actively seeking a new job. We also start tapping candidates with our strategic alliances and other professional organizations.

  • Qualify

    After selection of the employee, we meet face-to-face with the candidate. In this, we test the employee on a customized behavioral interview screening. After selection of the top candidates, they are assessed to verify if they are suitable for soft skills and hard skills required for the nature of work. Lastly, background check is done for verification of documents, work history, references, etc.


    We select the best profile match required for your company and present you the profile. We will manage the interview process and then work with you to select the ideal candidate and prepare the offer.

  • Offer

    After selection, we present the final and complete offer stating all the negotiations to the candidate and get a secured signed copy. At times, we also assist the candidate with resignation process that helps to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

    Ongoing Follow UP

    Creative works with both the parties to make the final onboarding process easy and smooth. With our efforts, we help companies to drive the efficiency and quality with our Permanent Staffing Solutions.