Open Source WordPress Ecommerce Development

Open-Source E-commerce Shopping Carts are the best bet for small time businesses, they give best features at economical costs.


The success of an online business heavily relies on a strong foundation and a well functioniong website. An economically developed website is a good measure to start an online business that will pave way to earn good profits to run the business.

Your Ideal Solution

WordPress is the best solution to develop an eCommerce website. Today, there are so many WordPress eCommerce plugins available that can help convert the basic WordPress site into an Online Shop or allow you to add an extra page to your already existing website to convert it into an online store.

Advantages of Open source Ecommerce Development

  • Huge WordPress E-commerce theme collection:

    In the search bar, you can type “WordPress E-commerce themes” and you will find gigantic collection of templates that are available for free and premium ones that are charged.

    Diverse Payment Gateways:

    WordPress E-commerce portal has varied pre-installed payment gateways like Chronopay, Paypal – Express, Google Checkout and Manual payment options. You can make use of manual payment options for payments that are cash orders.

  • Free features:

    WordPress developers are always upgrading the themes and plug-ins. You can upgrade your E-Commerce website by just one click on “Update”.

    Cross Promotion And Marketing Tools:

    Cross promotions and varied marketing tools help to promote cross sales, SEO plugins, Social bookmarks and Survey options help to increase the chances of earning profits.

  • Economical and faster to build

    WordPress OpenSource E-Commerce platform offers big variety of themes that can be used to build your website. Working on WordPress themes helps you to cut down the time on building the website.

    WordPress is a popular platform

    EAccording to Matt Cutts, WordPress is a great tool to design your website – he has mentioned WordPress in a good light. WordPress offer many free and premium plug-ins and templates. They have more tools than any other content management system can offer. If you are looking for any feature to be added to your website there are good chances that you will find the plug-in that already exists in a WordPress.

Our Open-Source E-Commerce Solutions provides all features that help you
build reliable and successful online store.
Our Open source E-commerce development offer many benefits. It is cost-effective and offers all functionality that a well-known paid scripting language platfrom would offer.
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Our WordPress ecommerce shopping cart software include:
  • Infinite Product features
  • Customer service centre
  • Mailing features
  • Custom design and layout
  • Online order tracking
  • Multiple Search features
  • Multiple users access management