Meeting Room booking system

Simplify all your meeting room, visitor and vendor management into one globally scalable, easy-to-use solution in the Cloud that gives everyone a great booking experience.


Scheduling the shared spaces in a busy office can be a challenge. Finding a place to meet and booking the space is a task that your employees face every day. When it comes to booking meetings, there are many things that can go wrong, from double bookings to no-shows. Outlook allows meeting rooms to be double-booked

  • You can't view which assets are in the space you're reserving (like chair count or outlets)

  • You can only reserve meeting rooms

  • You have no insight into space utilization or applicable data


Be it a small meeting or a board meeting, our meeting and asset booking systems, you can ensure that spaces are booked fairly, privacy and accountability are upheld for each user, and that double-bookings never happen!

Our modern intranet enables effective management and planning of company meetings, makes company processes simpler and helps to use company space in a better way. Meeting room booking system in Creative Social Intranet is a central booking platform that allows everyone in your office to book meeting rooms with ease, from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. You can use Meeting room booking system to book rooms across multiple buildings and locations. There are no additional logins required for users because they can schedule directly within your intranet with Single sign on.

Few of our Meeting room booking application features

  • Single sign on – employees need not remember multiple logins. Social Intranet will be integrated with their AD. Integrate with your company‚Äôs ERP system.

  • Admin only have access to update rooms or set up new rooms.

  • Allow employees to book a meeting at different time intervals.

  • With meeting you can also assign task – Meeting room booking allow you to add task or set meeting simultaneously. Both you can add once.

  • Required resource for meeting rooms – A user wants to book a meeting room or required some resource like laptops, projectors, etc in that case meeting room allow us to choose a specific resource.

  • Built-in reporting capabilities.Customizable.

  • Automatically handle of cancellations.

How can a meeting room booking system be useful in your company Intranet?

  • Meeting Room Utilization

  • Monitor No-Shows

  • Track Resource Usage

  • Manage Room Occupancy

  • Track and Monitor Visitors

  • Book Assets for meetings