Intranet Learning & Development Application

The Learning and Development Intranet Application Management tool for present and future organizational requirements.


You may find yourself irrelevant if your organization is not making any innovations.

The pace at which things change is muchfaster and organizations need continuous change and improvement to keep tab with what is latest! How to update yourself with changing times?

Your Ideal Solution

Our Cloud based Intranet learning and development platform allows you to get together the teams that are geographically distant to come together and engage and contribute to get innovative ideas and get it implemented. This will help in problem-solving allowing to make precise decisions with real-time data bringing great insights at work place.

Case study of our Learning and Development PORTAL


  • Digital Pace

    You can upload the E-books, content and conduct training with streaming videos through an automated system.

    Information Center

    Intranet offers to find company information and also details of each employee.

  • Online Training

    Intranet application helps in Live training, educating the employees, ticket booking and also understanding the company culture.

    Global connect

    Intranet helps to connect different offices that are geographically distant. Supervisors, trainers, employee login can happen through the LDAP Active Directory Sync.

  • Large Volume

    Our experts in Cloud based servers help you with large sized application.

    Communication & Morale

    Creative offers simple approach helping people work with real advantage. We help create vibrant work environment.

Simple, Innovative, Custom-made, Responsive and intuitive user interface
The special application features like Learning & Development on Intranet helps to take the technology a step further by giving a “Person-structured” Intranet IA for individual users as well as other people on Intranet.
Intranet application has all the features of most learning & development portals:
  • CMS for training, E-booking and Streaming vidoes.
  • Training needs and File imports through API and Excel imports.
  • Offers TNI mapping.
  • Employee, Supervisor and Trainer Login with LDAP active directory sync.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, Annual calendar alerts and schedules.
  • MIS generation reports.
  • Training for ticket booking engine.
  • Feedback for bulk and mechanized operations.
  • Attendence input.
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