IT Staffing and Hire Resources

Creative’s IT staffing helps you manage your business in a centralized, automated and structured environment, we develop Custom Intranet and Web Applications for your company.


Personnel Management is one of the most tough challenges managers and IT Executive face today. Some organization’s structure and responsibilities expect employees to stay longer to achieve business goals. In such cases, an organizations lack of resources may not be able to fulfill these goals.

Your Ideal Solution

Creative provides IT Staffing solutions for your organization in Mumbai. Creative has huge qualified resource for entire project teams. We have just the right talented workers with skills and competencies that you require for your organization.

  • Contract Staffing

    Contract Staff hiring allows you to quickly access the skilled technical staff for your organization. It’s an economical alternative that will help to staff new employees without additional recruitment or training costs.

    Permanent Staffing

    Permanent Staffing Solutions is one of the most successful methods to hire right staffing for your company. It is an economical solution and consumes less time to get qualified staff for the process.


    Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a Business process outsourcing in which a company transfer all or some part of his recruitment process to an outside service provider.

We provide Staffing Solutions for various Processes & Companies