Intranet Application Development

You can now manage your business with an automated, structured and centralised system by developing the custom intranet and web applications.


An organization faces many challenges especially when it comes to innovation. You may find yourself irrevalent if you do not keep pace with what is latest. The innovative changes are quick, so how do you keep yourself updated with what is latest?

Your Ideal Solution

Creative helps you by creating a Secured Intranet portal that will allow you to carry on with important organizational functions. The application will help you to secure all your data and also upload/delete/download files, create the directories, engaging your employees, providing access to information and enabling the different channels of communication between the management and the employees. Its also a great tool for networking and sharing information.

  • IT Companies

    Intranet Application helps and encourages employees to think creatively and bring innovation in an organization.

    Huge Corporations

    Custom Intranet Applications, Development and Maintenance for training online, excel imports, e-books and professional services.

    Every Enterprise

    The custom intranet application helps to connect and used by enterprises including the CMS and social networking modules.

What is Intranet?

An Intranet is a web system having an underlying principle to support and also identify the potential traffic and to present it in the smooth and unstructured way. It is custom-built and helps in supporting the correct use of information and services, these are very important from user point of view for the welfare of the organization.

Advantages of Intranet applications for your organisations

A well-designed Intranet application helps imrpove Internal Business process and also helps in facilitating new collaborations between the employees. It also helps improve and boost the morale of the employees across the company. But if, the Intranet application is not executed well then it may damage the flow of information and tarnish the organization reputation and that of the IT department.