Identity Management software

Creative identity management software makes simple business logins as it boosts the security and efficiency of business systems. It is trusted by thousands of individual and corporate users.

There are a number of reasons why organizations should deploy an identity management software. Although a challenging undertaking, giving users secure access through these tools results in time and cost savings and better security. It is for this reason that the importance of identity management software continues to hug the limelight. Principally, identity management software have four main functions–pure identity, user access, service and multimedia capabilities.

Benefits of Identity Management Software

  1. Identity/Authentication
  2. Administration
  3. Availability/Scalability
  4. Access Management
  5. Provisioning

Identity Management Software features

  • Access Certification
  • Compliance Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Management
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Self-Service Access Request
  • Single Sign On
  • User Provisioning


Employee Engagement 

Communication & Collaboration


Recognition & Rewards


Digital Workplace


Social Intranet


E-Learning,Training & Management