Idea Management software

Get Valuable Insights By Gathering All Ideas In One Place

Creative idea and innovation management software connects people to the ideas and information they need to build momentum and do their best work. Unlike document and file-sharing tools, Creative idea management software helps you create, manage, and collaborate on anything from product launch plans to marketing campaigns. Find work easily with dedicated and organized spaces, connect across teams, and integrate seamlessly or customize integrations with 3rd party apps.

Features of Creative Idea Management Software

  • Activity/News Feed
  • Collaboration
  • Idea Ranking
  • Ideation
  • Mind Map
  • Status Tracking
  • Workflow Management

Creative idea management and innovation software is one of the best tools to use for documenting your knowledge-base.

The best parts are: –

  • The ability to connect articles with to-do tasks from project management
  • Ability to upload any media types, from spreadsheets to videos.
  • There is also a inbuilt HTML editor to help anybody create very stylish articles with usability.
  • In-line and footer comment sections help team discuss and develop documents all together, without losing any of the discussion history.
  • The ability to also keep an internal blog.

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