Intranet HR Application / Digital Workspace Development

Our clients has capitalized the advantage of our knowledge to develop innovative Intranet HR Application for engaging employees of a company.


You want to create a community that will engage themselves to solve complex problems by using the social graph. You want to create new opportunities to generate more revenues and encourage the employees to think differently with innovative ideas. How are you going to do it?

Your Ideal Solution

Creative helps create a GUI system with less fields that are easy to access and feed information. It can also create email alerts and helps tracking the messages at every milestone to implement the cycle.

We are proud to serve Intranet Portals to India’s Top Conglomerate Companies.

Creative has been rated and reviewed as one of the best Intranet software portal in 2018
Intranet awards

Intranet awards

Innovation Intranet HR Portal



  • Participation by all:

    HR Intranet system helps people get information and participate accordingly in an organization.

    No repetition of work:

    The employees are less burdened with repeated work going through team discussion, forums and chats and lengthy email exchanges.

  • Vibrant workplace:

    HR Intranet Portal helps reduce employee stress and helps to develop vibrant work culture.

    Internal branding:

    Employee communication and engagement helps to build the brand internally and that defines the articulate corporate culture.

  • Information Centre:

    HR Intranet Portal acts as a system to help find company information, employee information and helps in connecting offices with different geographical locations.

    Helps break communication barriers

    Creative focuses to help its clients beyond what is needed, we focus on real needs of the company and its employees. Our simple approach helps connect employee and create good working environment.

Smart and Elegant User interface
We provide Customized Intranet HR portals and provide Digital workplaces that helps build Intranet communities and other knowledge networks. We offer great User Experience with responsive web design by providing full ownership rights to our customers.
Our intranet application HR Portal include:
  •  Journal and Magazine Manager
  • Conference and Seminar Manager
  • Calendar and Event List Manager
  • Support for various types of idea submission
  • Submission Tracking
  • Projects Module
  • Multiple users access management.