How has selling online changed since the Web first began

Electronic commerce first began in the early 1990’s when the Internet first opened to commercial use. The concepts of buying and selling and business combined with computers and the Internet all contributed to the possiblility of eCommerce. Since then much has changed or evolved including the many branches or different forms of online commerce. The biggest change since merchants first began selling online is there wasn’t as much market saturation or competition and it wasn’t as difficult to obtain an easy to online brand or company identity. Now, in addition to the many small online businesses selling online we have large fortune 500 companies like eBay and Amazon to compete with.

The world of eCommerce wouldn’t have been possible without the advances in technology that are now familiar to all online merchants. The expansion of credit card companies, electronic payment gateways, online shopping carts and the places to market your items have all contributed to the growth and evolution of eCommerce. The need to have a secure place to enter payment information has led to new innovations in storefront security and privacy measures. With the development of the Web came more ways to build an online store and more options for store owners who are looking to design a custom shopping environment. Now we have online store builders and complex programs to automate many of the tasks needed during the design, security, marketing and maintenance stages.

Shopping online has also changed from the customer standpoint. Not only has the amount of people shopping online steadily increased so have the ways they shop and buy items of interest. The are more places to choose from with a greater selection of hard to find item and more ways to pay for them. The advances in security also help customers feel more secure when entering their personal information over the Web and buying items electronically. New and innovative things are happening all the time online, it’s no different in the world of eCommerce.