How do I configure my email account in an email client (Microsoft Outlook Express/Netscape Messenger)?

Microsoft Outlook Express

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express, click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Accounts…’

2. Click on the ‘Add…’ button and select ‘Mail…’

3. From this point you will be prompted for the following information:

* Display name: The name you’d like on your out-going messages. For example, if you type ‘ABC Support Desk’ all messages from you will appear to be from ABC Support Desk.

* E-mail address: Your email address.
* My incoming mail server is a (choose POP3) server
* Incoming mail: Unix customers –, win2000 customers –
* Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: either enter the SMTP server provided by your ISP or: UNIX customers –, win2000

customers –
* Account name: Your username, Win2000 & Email Only Hosting customers must use
* Password: Your password.

4. When you return to the ‘Internet Accounts’ dialog box select your email account and then click on the ‘Properties’ button.

5. In the ‘Properties’ window select the ‘Servers’ tab and check the ‘Outgoing Mail Server / My server requires authentication’ box.

6. Click on the ‘Settings’ button and then choose the ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ option.

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