How can I establish word of mouth marketing buzz about my products

In order to better understand how to go about creating a buzz around your products, it’s important to know exactly what word-of-mouth is and the different ways in which it can be established. Word of mouth and word of mouth marketing are essentially defined as processes used to create active, mutually beneficial consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-marketer communications and making it easier for those communications to take place. Word of mouth is primarily about customer satisfaction, two-way dialog and communications and may include several different elements such as educating consumers, identifying which ones will share opinions, tracking the buzz and providing feedback to those who share.

You can establish word of mouth about your store and products by giving your customers something interesting to talk about, and by making their experience with you a memorable and exciting. If your customers cannot remember the name of your store, even if they love your products, you will have a harder time retaining users and may loose out on opportunities to gain new customers. Treat customers as if they are your only responsibility and show a genuine interest in them and they will remember you, tell their friends and might even return to buy from you again.

There are many different forms of word of mouth and depending on who you ask they may be defined the same, but called something different, so be sure and learn the lingo surrounding word of mouth and your market niche. Many word of mouth marketing strategies are geared toward encouraging and helping potential customers to talk to each other about the products you sell.

Establishing word-of-mouth can be performed many different ways. The most common forms of word-of-mouth marketing include buzz marketing, viral marketing, community marketing, affiliate or referral programs, blogging for buzz, creating conversation topics of interest, influential marketing, product placement and timing, using volunteers and maybe you would even join a related cause or donate time. These are not the only ways to establish a buzz about your products, these are just some common ways it has been done in the past. Depending on your specific needs, you may wish to use some or all of these methods within your eCommerce marketing strategy.