Helpdesk, trouble ticket system

Trouble ticket software manages the organization, reporting, and resolution of trouble tickets. Without good trouble ticket software, ticketing systems can be very complex. Use the Help Desk Ticketing to Manage IT/ HR Workload.


You want to create a community that will engage themselves to solve complex problems by using the social graph. You want to create new opportunities to generate more revenues and encourage the employees to think differently with innovative ideas. How are you going to do it?

Your Ideal Solution

Creative helps create a GUI system with less fields that are easy to access and feed information. It can also create email alerts and helps tracking the messages at every milestone to implement the cycle.

Trouble ticket software is important for a business that wants to provide dependably great customer service. Ticket clogs are common, as are forgotten tickets—and unhappy customers. Trouble ticket software is the solution. It ultimately enables the business to provide better customer service.
A highly adaptable help desk trouble ticket solution in Creative Help desk trouble ticket system with a lot of metrics that allows to track and follow up efficiently. Our Help desk trouble ticket system helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation. It’s intuitive and easy to use because it’s built with both customers and support desk agents in mind.

So how will Creative helpdesk trouble ticket system benefit your organization?

Enterprises require different teams to work cohesively together and without impacting efficiency to come up with responses for their customers. Enterprises need a way to measure their team’s performance and implement strategies to improve rapidly where necessary. Helpdesk software can help enterprises in the following ways: An enterprise-grade helpdesk software can intelligently manage agent availability across shifts, geographies, time zones, languages and route tickets to the right agent to get the quickest response possible. A versatile helpdesk software can integrate with other tools the business uses such as CRM software, billing and payment systems, package trackers and so on to get the right information necessary to solve a ticket. A good helpdesk software brings your sales, marketing and support teams together. It increases visibility into each other’s workload and enables them to work together better.
  • Support more easily:

    With a helpdesk software, your agents can respond to emails, answer phone calls and chat with customers from one place. No need to juggle various tools and logins.

    Increase Efficiency:

    A helpdesk software can help automate most support tasks. Your team can dedicate all of its efforts towards tackling the customer’s problems instead of figuring out paperwork and maintenance.

  • Strengthen collaborative efforts:

    You can collaborate efficiently with a helpdesk software. With better visibility of who is responding to a ticket, which customers already have answers and which tickets still need to be answered, your team can support customers better together.

    Provide better responses:

    Communication is easier and answers are more helpful when you have more context. You can always access past interactions with any customer on any channel from a single, unified customer database.

  • Improve Customer Loyalty:

    A Helpdesk software can streamline your customer support process so that it is easier to make customers happier. Happy customers means loyal customers who will keep returning to your business.

    Analyze and Improve Faster:

    Is your teams’ responses fast and accurate enough? A good helpdesk software will provide the metrics you need to measure your team’s performance so you can learn when to improve and when to appreciate them.

With Creative Help desk trouble ticket software in your enterprise, you see

  • 55%

    Increased Efficiency


    Increased Productivity

  • 80%

    Increased Collaboration


    Employee Satisfact