Employee Onboarding System


Employee Onboarding System provides content services to help connect content to digital businesses to accelerate productivity, improve governance and drive digital transformation.

Is effective employee onboarding about thinking ahead from new employee’s point of view.


Employees learn the work culture and company goals by participating in meetings and project discussions with co-workers through an onboarding process. Managers should schedule regular check-in meetings with new employees to make them comfortable with the process and communication with every member. And learn the specifics of their role and responsibilities, to complete tasks properly and on-time, map buddies to resolve task queries, and get approvals for their work.


New employee’s first day isn’t the last process of on-boarding. It starts at the beginning of your hiring process and ends when your new employee is fully occupied with their tasks and role. An onboarding plan should focus on what matters most to each group of the company with the goal of helping new employees make connections between company-wide goals and their day-to-day tasks.

Creative employee onboarding software solution helps to create a meaningful working life for people of the organization. We want to help people succeed. And with the individual success of each employee, we help companies grow and reach their goals.

Why every organisation should have an effective employee onboarding system?

A Seamless Experience with hassle-free onboarding

Reduce 90% of onboarding time by automating processes

Reduce manual Processing Errors upto 95%

Reduce 85% of Onboarding Cost by automation

Store Employee Documents Securely

So How will Creative employee onboarding software look like?

Creative employee onboarding application aims at faster employee onboarding process and convenient digital acceptance that will streamline the essentials of on-boarding in a way that your existing employees adore.

A detail employee on boarding roadmap explained below :

  • Hiring of new employee by the recruiter and then he joins the company..
  • A successful onboard of the employee to the HR system
  • Automation of documents submissions, acceptance and storage.
  • Buddy mapping.
  • Company asset checklist.
  • Invites from various groups.
  • Task Management and workflow.
  • Performance management and scheduled mentoring and training.