Video streaming Application Development Case study2

Online video streaming, movie portal

Online video streaming, movie portal
Creative's perspective of seeing things in a divergent way has helped serve its client to better than its competitors. One such example is our client of Independent films tell stories which are often overlooked by the commercial film production machinery. The independent cinema has enriched popular culture with new viewpoints, distinct styles and social diversity., a Singapore based and an internationally funded venture, is one such movement, A client who wanted an uninterrupted live movie streaming website for its featured audience and visitors. It is the next-generation website for movie lovers and fanatics.


online movie website

online movie website video portal video portal

  • Movie Library - An online library of millions of movies to serve your movie fever
  • Search feature - Type for the movie that interests you for live viewing, reviews and movie details
  • Online Profile - Custom recommendations, online subscriptions and lot for you in the basket
  • Genres - Bundles, Featured Collections, Latest & Trending for everyone with their choice of interest
  • Language - Available for both international and regional audience
  •, JavaScript, JQuery
Video streaming App

Video streaming App