SUPERSTITIAL(tm) format is a norm in online advertising developed by Unicast – a non banner, interactive advertising solutions and services company for the Internet. SUPERSTITIALs are very much interactive, non-banner ads that can be found in any size on the computer screen and up to 100K in file size, featuring full animation, sound and graphics capable of effectively conveying integrated advertising while protecting a Web site’s performance. Pre-loaded using a patent-pending “polite” delivery system that minimizes the latency problems often experienced with streaming online advertising solutions, SUPERSTITIAL ads play only upon a user-initiated break in surfing, such as a mouse click. SUPERSTITIALs can be used to fulfil multiple advertising goals, such as branding, direct marketing, commerce and entertainment. SUPERSTITIAL ads play only once fully loaded, making sure that every user gets a consistent and complete brand message and that each advertiser pays only for guaranteed impressions. In addition, as SUPERSTITIAL ad units exist outside the banner space, they can produce a whole new revenue stream for Web publishers